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Starstone Ventures

Investment for the better future

Grow businesses to make the better future for everyone in the world.


Years experience

We care about the synergy
True global experiences

The management’s established long and concrete investment experiences in global standard over 15 years. We utilize unique resources that no other investment companies have. 


Often our investors look for strategic investments

We help our investors and portfolio companies’ strategize how they both benefit from each other.

Deep research helps decision making

We perform deep research about the target company, the industry, and its competitors before and after speaking with the founders/the management of the target company.

Due Diligence
There is no not-enough due diligence

Appropriate due diligence is the key to the successful investment. We perform as much as due diligence possible utilizing our resources of experts in any industry.

Fast execution of investment

Time is money, literally. In the current environment, the speed to make the investment is an advantage you can have over other investors. No one will wait for your money. 

Support, we mean grow

We never monitor the portfolio companies. We will always thrive to grow the portfolio company’s business at all cost creating strategic synergies with our investors.

Not limited to....
Investment Theme
Clean Tech

New Battery, recycling, renewable energy, green transportation, electric motors, green chemistry, lighting, grey water...


NFT, Cryptocurrency, custodian, investment management, analytics, auditing, DAO, defi lending and trading platform...


Cash management, mobile banking, payment, credit card, trading, investment, financial management, wiring money, insurance...

Real Estate Tech

Asset management, property management, rent payment, broker management, investment analysis, vendor management, zoning optimization...


E-commerce, supply chain management, logistics improvement, entertainment, gaming, e-sports, food, drinks...

AI / Big Data

Broad range of AI and big data application into any industries, such as auto, healthcare, real estate, cosumer, supply chain management...

Health care

Medical device, chemistry, pharmaceutical, genome, sensors, remote monitoring, medical data analysis...

IoT / Robotics

Robotics and IoT applications for healthcare, medical, auto, logistics, smart home, leisure, manufacturing...

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Crushing it!
Hideyuki Gojima
Founding Partner
Me too!
Junho Kang
Founding Partner
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