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Infrastructure Investment

Make the world greener
How can we actually make the world greener?
Renewable energy and circular economy investments
Climate and Sustainable infrastructure

We focus on the investment opportunities with new technologies. Not only solar and wind projects, we also participate in waste-to-energy projects to generate such as pyrolysis oil, syngas, and hydrogen.

Flexible capital structure

Our experience across the asset life cycle, flexible capital approach, project finance, and broad infrastructure experience position to maximize the benefit for investors.

Not limited to....
Project types

We focus on the projects that utilize the new technologies to maximize the efficiency to harness solar energy.


A wind energy project involves harnessing the power of the wind to generate electricity. Wind energy is a renewable and sustainable source of power that has gained popularity as a clean alternative to traditional fossil fuels.

Waste to Energy

Turn various types of waste such as household waste, industrial waste, plastics to different types of energy such as electricity, syngas, and hydrogen.


Using different types of technologies, we invest only in projects that produce green hydrogen. Working with vertical industry player, we target to complete the projects from production to delivery to the end destination.